Near the end of their rope, women seek assistance from Glen Ellyn charity

Posted: Daily Herald January 20th


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Chana Bernstein, President

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Most Recent Letter of Gratitude


Saret Charitable Fund changed the lives of my son and myself forever. Unless you have been homeless, it's difficult to understand the depression and despair that arises. I found myself homeless and living in a motel with my adult son. Thank God for him because there was no car and I had mobility challenges. My car being totaled in an accident cost my job - the bulk of the income - thus Homelessness.

My son carried the $1400 monthly rate alone - which varied at their whim. There was no way to save up for the first month and security deposit for an apartment. I will never forget that he lost that position right before Thanksgiving. We'd seen the motel put people out of their rooms with all their things for non-payment. We knew our turn was next. DuPage County and other agencies could not help us and we were doomed to be out in the cold.

We found the number to Saret as an answer to a prayer. Chana Bernstein saw our need and our potential for growth. She assisted us with food, paid our motel bill temporarily and then helped my son and myself find employment. The BIG DIFFERENCE between working with Chana Bernstein and the Saret Charitable Fund is the personalized care I felt. There is such stigma and shame around being homeless or needing assistance. Chana's kind and generous Spirit always put me at ease. She assisted us out of that state of despair and showed us that there are people who TRULY CARE about service to others. When my son and I thought there was no hope, Saret literally set us on our path to stability and independence. I will ALWAYS be grateful for the Saret Charitable Fund which truly gave my son and I a helping hand in a time of great need.

Stacy M.

Letter of Gratitude



My name is Carla, and I would like to introduce myself and my family's journey to you.

Becoming homeless in the year 2008 we were introduced to Chana and Saret Charitable foundation.

Chana quickly sprang into action to help our family.

We had two small children, a boy and a girl, my husband and I.

Our son was sick with a rare blood disorder. The doctor’s bills mounted, and minimum wage was not a living wage.

Chana and Saret helped us with renting a hotel room for several months of food, gas and so much more.

She then found an Angel family that assisted us with car repairs, food, gas, and additional things we needed.

Our Angel family purchased us a laptop to use in the hotel where we were able to complete job applications and build the skills needed to land a job which would turn into a career in the field of technology.

With these valuable skills we were able to acquire positions with a major technical university and our own apartment in less than one year.

Our journey has had some major ups and downs from continuous growth in our field to working for a major airline to being furloughed and rehired several times and then furloughed again during Covid-19.

During Covid-19 and isolation we lost our beautiful daughter Cassidy to suicide at the age of 14. We love and miss her so very much.

The anxiety and grief are unimaginable, but we keep going for her!

We never lost our connection in our hearts with Chana or our Angel family.

It is now approaching the two-year anniversary of our beautiful daughter Cassidy and I was able to reconnect with her doctor who had been our children's doctor most of their lives.

In honor of Cassidy, he would like to make a donation to Saret.

I thought the death of my daughter would make me a bitter and angry person but it just made me love people more.

We are so happy to have reconnected with Chana and Saret.

I would love to utilize my skills and abilities in any way I can to make a positive impact on others the way our family has been impacted by the love and care of Chana, Saret and others.

I would ask you to distribute this letter to other board members for consideration as well.

It would make Cassidy smile

Pay It Forward Always 💚

Carla H.

Letter of Gratitude


A thank you to Saret doesn't seem to be enough for all the help you have given me and my husband with rent assistance.

I am a care giver for my husband who has an acute case of Multiple Sclerosis. He is not able to do anything on his own, I mean absolutely nothing on his own. Leaving him alone during the day or night is not an option. He is a 59 year old man who laughs, thinks, and feels but in a body that won't work at all.

After losing my job, working to take care of my husband, I have absolutely no money coming in but my husband’s SSD check. This check will not pay our rent let alone any utilities and daily living expenses. Even getting him to his doctors’ appointments is difficult with the lack of money and lack of transportation.

Without rent assistance from Saret, I would not have been able to save up over the last few months to purchase specialized shoes which are essential for me to walk and take care of my husband’s needs.

I am not exaggerating by saying Saret has saved us from homelessness. I really can't express how grateful I am for your generous giving. It’s really puts a tear in my eye knowing there are such kind wonderful people who can help and do so.

Yes, we are one of those people who can't utilize many of the government programs. Believe me when I say we have tried.

If we didn't have Saret’s help, I really don't know how we would get through these rough times.  My tears now are from gratefulness not from despair. Thank you.



Our organization was started in 1985 in Glen Ellyn, IL in response to witnessing a growing number of single mothers without job training or income, minimal state aid programs, and the influx of refugees from war-torn countries. We serve 400-500 families a year.

SARET Charitable Fund in Glen Ellyn provides emergency housing and emergency financial assistance.

Our Barbara Brent disability fund is growing and needs more financial support for rents and utilities, for clients faced with medical crisis such as cancer and injuries.

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If you or someone you know needs our assistance, please click on the link below, download, print, and fill out the SARET Intake Form. Return it either by mail or email to [email protected]


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