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Our Story

SARET Charitable Fund - A Unique Story

Thirty years ago, a small group of human-needs conscious friends established SARET Charitable Fund to memorialize the lessons learned from the death of a 2-year-old Wheaton child, Saret Yann, who suffered from, and died as a result of, Aplastic anemia.

The economic challenges facing her impoverished family while their child was fighting for her life were a reminder that not-for-profit organizations were and continue to be needed to assist those families financially during such a crisis.

SARET Charitable Fund was established to accomplish exactly that mission and to support families during hard times. A special disability fund was added in 2005 to help families enduring chronic illness and loss of employment.


Chana Bernstein

Founder & CEO

"He who saves a life, saves the world."
"He who saves a life, saves the world."

Our Approach

To meet the needs of these desperate families, SARET needs your help.  Please check us on our website: www.SARET.org.  SARET is run by volunteers and interns, and over 90% of the donations it receives go directly to support our clients economically.


Our Mission

To prevent homelessness and hunger in the western suburbs of the Chicago-land area and to provide hope when hope seems impossible, to restore dignity to individuals or families facing a current economic and life crisis as the organization seeks creative tools to help move the family toward economic stability.



Saret Board Members


Karen Schultz / Secretary

Grace Greenberg / Director

Jim Doron / Treasurer